Simon Jones

engineering leader | startup advisor | technology writer


Chief Technology Officer @ Just Technologies

Founder & Startup Technical Advisor @ Wivelsfield Consulting

Engineering Leadership Mentor @ PlatoHQ


Director & Head of Engineering, Mortgages, Lending & Business Banking @ Barclays

Director of Software Engineering @ American Express

Freelance Technology Writer @ Future Plc.

MSc. Human-Centred Computer Systems @ University of Sussex

BSc. Mathematics with Computer Science @ University of Sussex

Some of the things I do

I lead teams. Big and small, from startups to corporates.

I develop products. Be it bringing MVPs to market, or managing financial systems which serve millions of customers with billions of £s of transactions.

I code. Current stack of choice is React + TypeScript for frontend, backed by Go services. And maybe a bit of Python for data science.

I write. Covering front-end frameworks, web components, GraphQL, web assembly, Flutter, and much more.

> Read my overview of our technology choices at Just

When I'm not working

Climbing. Both indoor and outdoor. Sadly there isn't much fintech work in la forêt de Fontainebleau.

Skiing. Alpine and cross country. With mixed success.

Racquet sports. Mostly badminton. I've been known to attempt tennis, but spend the majority of the time picking up the ball.

Cooking. And also implicitly, eating. I experiment with food from all parts of the world, and while no Sanjeev Kapoor, I can still throw together a decent curry.

Learning Norwegian. Hyggelig å møte deg.